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Goalkeeper Overview

Weekly Goalkeeper training for TSC Goalkeepers is conducted by the TSC Goalkeeper Staff which includes Eric Vaughter, Kelsey Davis, and James Landham.   These 3 coaches boast a total of over 60 years playing and coaching experience at all levels of soccer in the US.  Our GK training curriculum is based largely on 3 ‘platforms’ of modern Goalkeeping:

  1.  Catching.  Developing GKs who can catch and secure the ball in all aspects of the game.  i.e.; shot-stopping, collecting crosses and serves, collecting and securing break-aways (1v1s).  We train to develop GKs who can calmly and proficiently deal with and catch balls at all speeds in all situations and in all weather conditions.  Our credo: ‘In order to distribute and build from the back, we must catch the ball first, thereby winning possession for our team.’
  2.  Playing with Feet.  Modern Goalkeeping stipulates that Goalkeepers be as, if not more, efficient in playing the ball with their feet as they are in playing the ball with their hands.  Our TSC GK training requires and demands that GKs control and serve balls with feet as much as they catch and control balls with their hands.  ‘Playing with Feet’ is a major area of concentration with our GK training sessions each and every week.
  3. Movement in the Goal.  Goalkeeping is a position of constant movement and positional adjustment.  Learning how to efficiently and quickly move in front of goal and around the penalty area is key for ‘best results Goalkeeping’.  Each training session incorporates GK movement—with the most important aspect of that movement being when to get feet ‘set’ as the ball is played.  Great emphasis on this sometimes over-looked aspect of GKing is applied during our training sessions.

At Tennessee Soccer Club we train GKs of all ages and levels of ability—Little1s™, Middle1s™, and Older1s™.  We are constantly tailoring our training sessions to get the most improvement and development out of our young Goalkeepers.   During our training sessions, we are careful to implement my Coaching Philosophy which is shared by all of the TSC goalkeeper Staff:

“Prepare the Goalkeeper to reach ‘the next level’—whatever that may be.  This is accomplished by a regimen of well-planned, intense, focused, directed and disciplined training and match competition; continued study of the game and position; the occasional ‘life lesson’ and most important of all—providing the aforementioned in an atmosphere of FUN.”

                                                                                                                              --Eric Vaughter

                                                                                                                                 Director of Goalkeeping

                                                                                                                                 Tennessee Soccer Club

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