Feyenoord FC Trip, Sept. 25


Sunday morning, Rotterdam city tour with Carl (our guide).  The city is quite modern, as many of the buildings did not survive World War II, so there is a visually interesting mix of old and new.

Canal housing 

Mayorial housing

Old & new.

Carl & his t-shirt map, which he used extensivley & effectively.

Pre- game at a restaurant near the stadium (De Kuip). Feyenoord shirts everywhere.  We grabbed a bite to eat at a restaurant across the street from the stadium. 


Starting them young.

Walk out to singing and clapping.

Possession with purpose

Dynamic in the final 1/3.

5-0 win for Feyenoord vs. Roda FC

Feyenoord was in control from the start.  We saw many of the same principles of play from the youth games on Saturday carry over to the 1st team game on Sunday.  Every team has it’s own individual identity, yet most successful clubs, such as Feyenoord, teach & recruit for “their” way of playing throughout to great success.

Similar principles we observed:

  • 4-3-3 formation, though as the game went along the #10 (attacking mf) played closer and closer to the center forward.
  • Intent to control the pace of the game, through purposeful use of the ball and defensive organization.
  • Organized pressure upon the opponent.
  • Wing play, with outside backs being involved.
  • Possession with a purpose, building through midfield.
  • Dynamic play in the attacking 1/3.
  • Purposeful organization on transition to defending.  Set up behind the ball to slow counter attack / win ball back quickly.  3 of 4 backs balance left to right & 1 back steps into midfield (attacking and defending).

Feyenoord FC are in 1st place in the league (Eredivisie) at 7-0 on the season.  They appear confident and the crowd support is impressive.  48,000 seats, sold out, as is every game.  Chants, songs, applause & all the wonderful atmosphere you get from a crowd of support.  Including the guy 5 rows or so behind us who yelled “hey” the entire match, no matter what was going on.  We learned during the course of the game it means “go” or maybe "goal".  Everyone was so friendly and helpful, including the heavily tattooed, experienced gentleman on the train, who was happy to help us find our way.  He effectively deciphered our tickets to our benefit.  Additonally, our new friend spoke of how the crowd always comes back, no matter how well the team does.  (I will say he used the finger across the throat movement for many scenarios & I realized my lack of the local language challenged him).  Many folks were sporting Feyenoord jerseys, yet he did not, nor did he let on that he too was going to the game until I asked, as we were separating.  Big smile over his shoulder, with the response, “oh yes”.  Another interesting component was that if you buy a ticket to a Feyenoord game, you can ride the train to and from the game for free!

See you tomorrow from the land of bikes and Total Football (see Rinus Michels - Johan Cruyff - Frank Rijkaard - Pep Guardiola - really good reading!).