If you are already a Bridgestone worker, you will find our calendar and schedule here



Information about becoming a Bridgestone Worker—


 Bridgestone Arena/DNC contracts with non-profit organizations such as ours for concession stand workers at arena events, concerts and games.  Any TSC parent is welcome to join our group of Bridgestone workers.  You will receive training and will work alongside our current, experienced Bridgestone workers.  In addition to receiving pay for your work, there is free parking and a shuttle bus for all of the events.  Please note:  you are not paid directly;  the payouts are deposited into the TSC bank account and your payout is transferred to your team’s bank account for your player’s ledger.  The funds are considered “fundraising” because they are not taxed—they cannot be refunded to you.  However…you can use these funds for any TSC-related expenses including Club Dues, Team Fees, hotel room expense during a tournament and the TSC uniform kit. 


If you are interested in joining this group, please contact—


Christy LeMieux,