“We have currently identified coaches with teams at the various levels (Div 1, 2, & 3) without actually knowing the ability of the players on each team.  The level of play may change after team selections and rosters are confirmed.  It is our goal to place teams in a competitive environment that is not too difficult but obviously not too easy for them.  These decisions will be made cooperatively with the coaching staff and DOC’s.”


If you have questions please contact Sandy Pollock (boys director) at docboys@tennesseesoccerclub.org or Tommy Cochran (girls director) at docgirls@tennesseesoccerclub.org



Team Names


Div 1 Team

Div 2 Team

Div 3 Team

  Showcase Elite Nike  
  Premier Select Swoosh  
2020 (U13 Girls) Div 1 team Div 2 team Div 3 team
    Deni Ismailovic Lee Smith-Bryan Alyssa Davilla
    Jim Browne Steve Zanolini Marty Stevens
2019 (U14 Girls) Div 1 team Divi 2 team Div 3 team
    Travis Fravel Jimmy Garrett Antonio John
    Andy Stone TBD Zito Melo
2018 (U15 Girls) Div 1 team Div 2 team Div 3 team
    Jim Browne Alex Quintana Lee Smith-Bryan
    John Millard Steve Zanolini Zito Melo
2017 (U16  Girls) Div 1 team Div 2 team  
    Tommy Cochran
Travis Fravel
    Kelsey Fenix Paul Ridler  
    Randy Johnson    
2016 (U17 Girls) Div 1 team Div 2 Team  
    Ronnie W/Brandy G Raul Lopez  
    Kyle Roelke TBD  
2015 (U18 Girls) Div 1 team    
    Earl Davidson    
    Jimmy Garrett