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Field Schedule Information

Tennessee SC – Field Scheduling Procedures 

Field Scheduling – General Information 

1. Referees are assigned in the order they are requested. It is very helpful to schedule Non-State League games at least 7 days in advance. 

2. State League games must be scheduled 14 days in advance. 

3. Games for the upcoming weekend must be in Field Scheduler by 6:00 am Wednesday, games scheduled after this time are not guaranteed referees. 

4. All 11 v 11 games must have an actual opponent (cannot schedule a game against yourself) 

5. Non-academy teams may schedule up to 10 games per month without approval. 

6. No teams may schedule training or practice on weekends.  If you need/want additional training please contact your gender specific director of coaching.


Game Types 

1. Friendly: Involves 2 teams from any Club, referees are required 

2. Round Robin: May have 2 non-Tennessee SC teams for each Tennessee SC team, one game out of 3 can be the 2 non-Tennessee SC teams playing each other, but a Tennessee SC representative must be present during the game. 

3. State League Game: involves 2 teams that are part of the same State League Bracket, requires special referees, and a report to be filed with TSSA, must schedule 14 days in advance. 

4. Training: Any number of Tennessee SC teams, referees are not required 

5. Club Game: Involves 2 or more Tennessee SC teams, schedule as a friendly but add “only 1 referee needed” in the Game Description field. 


Referee Confirmation 

1. Referees are automatically assigned to all games, unless there is a note in the Game Description field that this is a “training only” event or “only 1 referee needed”. 

2. For games scheduled less than 48 hours in advance, please email randypav@bellsouth.net or call 931-980-9078 to request referees. 

3. For games schedule less than 24 hours in advance, you must call and speak with the referee assignor at 931-980-9078. 


Referee Fees

1. Officials are to be paid at the field unless other arrangements have been made prior to the game. 

2. The Tennessee SC Team scheduling the game is always responsible to make sure referees are paid. 

3. All games will be assigned a full crew of three unless no other officials capable of that particular game are available. 

4. For State League games played at Crockett Park or Downs Blvd, Tennessee SC will pay our team’s half of the assigning fee ($5) directly to the referee assignor. The center official will collect the other half ($5) at the field from the non-club teams. 


Cancelling Games and Associated Fees

It is important when cancelling games that we not incur extra fees to either the Team or the Club. See below for situations when cancelling games. 

1. Weather related cancellations a. If fields are closed due to weather, no notification is required. 

b. The team is not responsible for the referee fees 


2. Games Cancelled prior to Sunday night of the week they are played 

a. Can be done by emailing the Scheduler: scheduler@tennesseesoccerclub.org

b. Fees are not incurred to Club or Team 

3. Games cancelled between Sunday night and Wednesday at 9:00 am 

a. Can be done by emailing the Scheduler: scheduler@tennesseesoccerclub.org

b. Club may incur an assignor fee if referees have already been assigned 

4. Games cancelled with less than 48 hours 

c. Assignor must be called and notified that the game has been cancelled. 

d. Club incurs assignor fee 

5. Games cancelled with less than 24 hours. 

a. Assignor must be called and notified that the game has been cancelled. The Team that scheduled the game is responsible for all officials’ fees for all games cancelled. 

b. Club incurs assignor fee 

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