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    Sporti Annual Sports Physical

    03/29/2014, 4:15pm CDT
    By djr

    The medical needs of our soccer players deserve a proactive approach. This year, when you're scheduling your medical sports physicals, consider the medical team at Sporti Pediatrics, Sports and Dance Medicine (gosporti.com).


    Unlike any other medical office in the area, Sporti has medical sports exams that include nutritional planning, review of psychological development, and personalized exercise programs that maximize performance while minimizing the risk for sports injuries.


    Call Sporti at 472-1711 today.


    Annual Sports Physical (covered with medical insurance)

    All appointments include a sports-focused physical exam, a review of psychological development, and a nutritional program based on an athlete’s competitive schedule.  Each visit qualifies as an annual wellness exam covered through your medical insurance policy.


    The Bioassessment ($30)

    Add a Bioassessment to your annual sports physical to measure strength, balance, and flexibility and how these affect your athlete’s performance.  A personalized exercise plan is created to help resolve weaknesses.  This 30 minute evaluation is approved for your FSA or HSA account.


    Slow-motion video ($50-75)

    The slow-motion video is a more accurate tool for measuring the effects of strength, balance, and flexibility on your athlete’s performance. Families receive a slow-motion video of the athlete’s performance, as well as personalized exercises that fix any identified risks for injury.  Soccer players benefit from the jumping analysis ($50) or the running analysis on the only pressure sensitive treadmill in greater Nashville ($75).  The evaluations are 60 minutes and are approved for your FSA or HSA account.


    The Athlete Travel Kit ($75)

    For athletes that receive the Annual Sports Physical, a travel kit can be constructed that stores a summary of pertinent medical information. Parents can be confident that when their young athlete travels, up-to-date medical information safely travels with them. It also encourages athletes to participate more in their own healthcare as it contains their nutritional program and exercise prescriptions.  Upon receiving all outside medical records, the kit is ready for you two days after the appointment.

    Sun Protection

    03/20/2014, 4:45pm CDT
    By djr


    Spring time is here and summer is coming!  That means weekend tournaments are getting underway.  It also means that it’s time to protect yourself and your young athletes from excessive sun exposure on the field. On your next trip to the supermarket you might find yourself scratching your head at the endless selection of sunblocks, tanning lotions, and moisturizers. What will protect my family the best? What does the SPF number indicate? Are there natural options? Read this blog to find out.]


    Leon Scott, MD 

    Sporti Pediatrics, Sports and Dance Medicine
    125 Cool Springs Blvd, Suite 110, Franklin, TN 37067
    615-472-1711 work
    615-472-1942 fax
    314-743-9259 cell

    The Lipscomb Men’s Soccer is hosting a free clinic for players
    Who: u10-u14

    When: Friday, March 7th  from 5:30-7:30pm.

    Where:  Tower Fields

    Tennessee SC -YMCA Academy Registration Open

    02/26/2014, 4:15pm CST
    By djr

    Brought to you by Sporti and Tennessee Soccer Club