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Why Play Select Soccer at Tennessee Soccer Club?

Select soccer players need to be committed players seeking to improve their playing skills and knowledge. The main benefits of select or competitive soccer are:

  • Structured, well-managed place for kids to play and achieve their goals (playing soccer in middle school, high school, college soccer, or beyond).
  • Player and skill development
  • High level of play and competition
  • Experienced, licensed coaches and trainers

Playing in a club environment creates a spirited and supportive network of players coaches, and parents. We like to think that our players have dozens of coaches along with hundreds of teammates and fans.

How is it different from the recreational game?

  • Select soccer at Tennessee Soccer Club will have more training opportunities: 2 regular practices per week with optional in-season supplemental player development sessions and goalkeeper training sessions.
  • Training by more qualified coaches with a group of peers with the same interests and desire.
  • More games. In recreational programs your child typically plays a total of 16 games for a Fall/Spring season. In travel your child can expect to play approximately 35-50 games in a year.

How about the Coaches?

Tennessee Soccer Club is very proud of its coaching staff. Our nationally-licensed coaches make up one of the most qualified coaching staffs in the Southeast/Midwest.

Practice location?

Located in Middle Tennessee, Tennessee Soccer Club teams practice at Tower Park and Crockett Park in Brentwood and Cheek Park and the Rec Center in Franklin among other locations. Most fields are lighted, giving our teams ample training options. These locations provide convenient access from anywhere in Brentwood, Franklin, Bellevue, Spring Hill, Thompson Station, Nashville, and surrounding areas.

When is the select season?

There are two seasons during a player’s one year commitment: Fall and Spring. Our U8 through U13 teams play August-November and March-May. The older teams’ season (U14–U18) runs through June depending on State Championships and Regionals. Preseason camp is typically held prior to the start of the season in late July. Many teams also participate in a winter program (December–February) that consists of training indoors weekly for speed and agility and indoor tournaments.

Isn’t playing select soccer expensive?

Compared to recreational soccer, select can cost more. However, we feel that the select soccer program offers more value to the player. Many teams do team fundraisers to help with the costs and parents also have the opportunity to work at Tennessee Soccer Club tournaments as "paid volunteers" to offset monthly fees. Tennessee Soccer Club also provides families with the opportunity to earn money through its sponsorship program. To help ease the burden of a lump sum payment, we collect the club dues payments in installments.

Click here for the 2013-14 Fee Schedule.

Playing format?

  • Ages U8 and U10: 6v6
  • Ages U11 and U12: 8v8
  • Ages 13 and up: 11v11

Philosophy of training?

Tennessee Soccer Club’s philosophy is long-term player development. The club trains according to a time tested youth curriculum. If your child is part of the U8-U12 Academy, they will be exposed to professional training based on a small-sided games format. 3v3 and 4v4 games are the foundation of this environment which produces confident, creative and skilled players. The games-based approach is also a challenging, competitive and proven mechanism for learning soccer specific skills. During the season, each player in the club will have the opportunity to receive an evaluation from their coach to help identify strengths and weaknesses. This evaluation is with the player and parents, which will allow the opportunity for both to ask questions about the player’s development.

What about travel?

Select teams do travel. Most of the travel is within Tennessee and surrounding states. Several of the tournaments are local and do not require overnight stays. Teams make every effort to find discounted and affordable lodging accommodations when overnight stays are required. Players and family members alike will tell you that traveling with the team is fun, and lasting friendships are made. For age divisions U8-U11 travel is very limited, as nearly 100% of the games are played in middle Tennessee. At U12, teams begin to travel more to find better competition and more exposure as they prepare for the Tennessee State Championships (U12 & up) and Regionals (U14 & up).

What are tournaments like?

Tournaments are hosted by our club, other clubs, or civic organizations. They provide a great opportunity to play teams from states across the Mid-South. Typically, you are guaranteed a minimum of three games depending on the size of the tournament or number of teams in your age division. Normally, trophies, plaques or similar awards are given to the first and second place teams. Most tournaments provide a host of offerings such as vendor booths, t-shirts, pictures and exhibition games. Older teams may plan to go to college showcase tournaments. These types of tournaments provide players an excellent opportunity to be scouted and seen by college coaches and recruiters.

Do you play on Sundays?

Many league and friendly games are scheduled for Sunday afternoons. During a tournament, Sunday play can be expected. Many tournaments provide a list of area churches and worship times. Some tournaments host non-denominational services at the fields as well.

What is the time commitment?

  • Practice: Typically select teams practice 2 times a week, 90 minutes per session.
  • Tournaments: Typically one or two per month.
  • Friendlies/League games: Typically two or three game days per month.

Playing time - is it equal?

Soccer is competitive. Coaches try to provide ample game time for all players; however it is not always equal depending upon the game situation. Training is focused on each and every player and their development. Our coaches are experienced and while they may want to win, they are sensitive to the needs of the players.

How is Tennessee Soccer Club organized?

Tennessee Soccer Club has a governing board, Directors and Assistant Directors of Coaching for Boys and Girls, and Academy Directors. The board meets monthly to conduct the business of the club. Each team in turn has a team manager and usually a treasurer. The team manager coordinates the activities of the team. They are not involved in coaching. However, they can also serve as a liaison between the parents and the coach. On behalf of the team, the treasurer collects the fees from the players and makes payments to the coach. He/she will also work closely with the manager to ensure that payments are made to the tournaments and referees. Many teams also have a parent volunteer who coordinates social activities and travel arrangements. The Directors of Coaching and Academy Directors oversee the selection and training of all the players and are responsible for recruiting, assigning, and oversight of coaches.

How are players chosen?

Each prospective player is assessed based on four components:

  • Technical ability - passing, receiving, dribbling
  • Tactical ability - decision-making with and without the ball
  • Physical ability - speed, agility, strength, power
  • Psychological - composure under pressure, coachability.

What if I am not chosen for a team?

Unfortunately, not everyone may make a team. While it is disappointing, you are encouraged to keep trying. Players develop differently. One year can make a big difference.

Must I play in my age group?

While there are limited exceptions, players usually play within their appropriate age divisions. "Playing Up" is a decision made by the coach and/or director of coaching with various factors weighing in the decision.

What is difference between Division I, Division II, and Division III?

These are tiered divisions of competition through the state, region and U.S. Division I is the highest division. All U9 and U10 teams play at the DIII level. There is no State Championship at U9, U10, and U11. Once you reach U12, a team has to designate DI, II, or III. If a team plays DI, it will have the opportunity to play in a state league which qualifies the team for an automatic berth in the State Championship tournament. All three divisions have State Championships beginning at U12. Beginning at U13, DI teams have an opportunity to play in the regional and national championships.

What is a player card?

All players and coaches registered with the Tennessee State Soccer Association as a select player carries a U.S. Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) member pass. The card has the player’s or coach’s photo, birth date, team information, member identification number, and signatures of the cardholder and registrar. The card must be stamped and signed by a TSSA designee to be valid. It is presented at all friendlies, tournaments, and state league games as verification of players’ identity and affiliation.

Can I play both recreational and select soccer?

If a player wishes to participate on both a recreation and select team they may do so with their coach’s consent. However, if there is a conflict in match schedule, the expectation from the select coach is that the player must play for the team of the highest level of competition (i.e., Select before Recreational).

Is there conflict playing high school soccer?

Absolutely not. We want our players to play for their schools and fully support their endeavors. That is why our older teams, U15 and above, do not train and play during high school soccer season; Girls-Fall, Boys-Spring.