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Annual Team Selection Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register to play up?
A. Register in your age group and email the Boys or Girls DOC for approval.

Q. What if I cannot make it to Annual Team Selection on the day(s) scheduled?
A. All current TSC players must:
- Register for Annual Team Selection online;
- Contact their current coach;
- Contact the new coaches.

A. All other players must:
- Register for tryouts online;
- Contact the new coaches and arrange to be seen prior to tryouts.

Q. Does my child need to attend all of the soccer tryouts for the age or just one of the days offered?
A. For current TSC players, work with your existing coach and the new coaches on schedule.

A. For players who did not play the previous year at TSC, we need them at all days of tryouts to ensure proper placement.

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