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FAQ for the 2013-14 Season

Q. How many teams are planned for the 2013-14 season?

A. Tennessee Soccer Club is planning to form six U13 11v11 teams.


Q. Who are the coaches for the 2013-14 season?

A. Coaches are: Eric Bossman and Earle Davidson for Division I teams, Wade Wonderlin and Juan Hernandez for Division 2, and Anthony Dudley and Tyler van Bussum for Division 3.

Click here to see all coaching assignments.


Q. What will the team names be?

A. The team names for the U13 boys will be:

- Tennessee SC 19
- Tennessee SC 19 Premier
- Tennessee SC 19 Elite
- Tennessee SC 19 Select
- Tennessee SC 19 Nike
- Tennessee SC 19 Swoosh

Note that the team year designation, "19" or "2019", represents the general graduation year for select teams.


Q. When will I hear from my son's coach after tryouts?

A. The plan is to hear from the coaches by the end of tryout week.


Q. What is the difference between Divisions 1, 2, and 3?

A. The divisions are defined by USYSA and describe competition levels. Tennessee State Soccer Association hosts State Championship tournaments for each division. The State Championships will be held at the end of May 2013.

For U13 Division 1, there is also a State League, played in the spring, for qualifying for the D1 State Championship tournament. (D2 and D3 tournaments are open-application.)


Q. What are the costs for the year?

A. Club fees are collected directly by the club. Click here for a club document on fees.

Additional team-specific fees cover items such as referee fees for friendlies, tournament registration, coach travel, and administrative costs. These will vary by team, depending on number of games played and location of tournaments and average $40-60 per month over the 10-month season. (This does not include personal travel and lodging expenses.)

To summarize costs throughout the year:

- Club registration
- Monthly club dues
- Monthly team fees
- Uniform
- Team camp
- Winter facility rental (if any)


Q. Are there programs to help reduce fees?

A. There are numerous fundraising programs to defray club and team fees, including:

- Tournament volunteering (field marshal, admissions, etc.)
- Bridgestone arena concessions
- Kroger cards

Click here for fundraising and financial aid info. Note that the financial aid deadline is July 7, 2013.


Q. When is pre-season team camp?

A. Pre-season Team Camp for the new U13 boys teams will be July 29-August 1, 6:00-8:30, on Downs East fields 1, 4, 5.

Click here for more info and registration.

If your son can't be at all or some of the days, wait to find out who his coach is and let the coach know then.


Q. How much will team camp cost?

A. $100.


Q. When do practices begin and where will they be?

A. Practices will likely begin the first week of August. Days of the week and times will not be known until teams are made final.

Most U13 teams will practice at the Rec Center or Cheek Park in Franklin or at or near Tower Park in Brentwood, depending on team make-up and coach logistics.

Some teams may do additional training over the summer.


Q. How many practices per week will there be?

A. Most teams will practice twice per week. Division 1 teams will practice three times per week. (Keep this time commitment in mind when accepting an offer from a D1 coach. Also note that players on teams practicing three times per week will have an additional $15 per month in club dues.)

Players also have the opportunity to take part in additional, free foot skills and goalkeeper clinics in the fall and spring.


Q. What size ball do U13s use?

A. Size 5.


Q. What uniform items will the players need?

A. All players must have full official White and Black game uniforms (shirt, shorts, and socks), a red club training shirt, and black team jacket. All gear is purchased through WeGotSoccer.com. (Note for new players: Be sure to wait for your son's number assignment from the team manager before ordering.)

For training, the boys wear the red training shirt and black Nike training shorts and socks.

For warm-ups before games, the boys wear their uniforms and the red training shirts.

It can be helpful to have extras of the training shirts and socks.

Note for returning players: the training shirts will not change next year. So you will be able to continue using your existing shirts.