MOTO Safety Program

MOTO Safety Program

Tennessee Soccer Club is excited to announce a partnership with MOTOsafetyTN for teen driving safety. As our club grows we have a large group of players driving and/or the players teen family members are driving. We feel MOTOsafetytn offers our parents the best tool to help them learn safe driving habits.

With a simple device that plugs in to the ODBII port of the vehicle (or can be hardwired in) the parent receives real-time driving data via a browser or mobile app that is included with the system.

Key Features

  • Real-time GPS tracking using intuitive Google maps interface
  • Monitoring and reporting of key safe driving habits - Harsh Braking, Speeding, Rapid Acceleration
  • Daily driver report card delivered via email
  • The ability to put up “fences” that let you know when your teen enters or exits important locations such and school, training, work or a friends house
  • Email and text alerts for activities such as speeding and after-hours driving
  • Native iOS and Android apps for anywhere monitoring

TSC is offering special pricing for our parents. The normal pricing of this system is $79.99 plus shipping and $19.99 monthly (no contract required)

The Club pricing using the promo code TNSAFE is $49.99 with Free Shipping and $19.99 monthly. (no contract required)

As an added bonus, for the month of January, MOTOSafeltyTN will donate $20.00 in your name to the 2017 SOCCER-A-THON.

To assure your donation please email after your order is placed and confirm you placed an order.

To purchase go to and use the PROMO CODE TNSAFE.

For any questions contact or call 615.939.0315.

Thank you and Safe Driving...



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