TSSA Cancels Spring 2020 State Cup

Friday, May 1, 2020 4:05pm

TSSA Cancels Spring 2020 State Cup

May 1, 2020

Subject: TSSA State Cup

 For over 40 years now, we have been able to provide a State Cup to the member clubs registered with TSSA.  It has been our desire and hope for the last month to provide you with a State Cup in 2020 that is safe and somewhat competitive.  

 Under the restrictions of the most recent Executive Order by Governor Lee, we simply do not feel it to be possible to hold a State Cup given that players have not been able to train for the tournament, and current policies prohibit more than 10 to gather.   We have communicated this information to the respective team contacts and club officials and will be issuing a full refund. 

 Our current TSSA suspension of play remains THROUGH May 15th, 2020.  “Return to Play” is going to look very different across the state and we all need to understand this as we move forward.  Some areas of the state may place higher restrictions than that of the Governor and we need to be aware of that.  “Return to Play” does NOT mean we go back to how things were.   The current Executive Order is interpreted as follows: a coach and nine (9) players could technically have a session.  However, TSSA liability insurance for clubs and accident insurance for players does not go into effect until our suspension has been lifted (current suspension of play is through May 15th, 2020).  At such time as the Governor should change this Executive Order we will comply, but for now, this 10 or fewer mandate is set to extend through the end of May.  

We ask that you please do your best to follow this protocol and we wish you and your families health and safety during this time.  


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